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Computer viruses, equipment breakdown, non-deliveries of raw materials, and employee illnesses are all risks that you face as a business owner, and also there are many risks that you face if you’re not a business owner.  Insurance mitigates risks, and the risks that insurance mitigates rats are perils, which are things that can go wrong.


In order to ensure that you get the right insurance, employing risk management can be helpful; risk management involves risk assessments that help individuals select proper coverages.  Risk management also involves loss control, which is the process of taking steps in order to minimize likelihoods of things going wrong.  Loss control helps prevent individuals from having to put insurance coverages into action.


At Alliance Insurance Services, LLC we manage risk in ways that enable you to get the right insurance, and also enable you to live and/or run a business in ways that prevent you from having to put your insurance coverages into action.

Risk Management Elements for Individuals and Businesses in Texas

Client Portal


Have you ever wished you that you had risk management data and OSHA data at your fingertips?  We can give you access to a web-based portal that will enable you to view a library of thousands of documents that will greatly enhance your risk management abilities.  As a result, you can track loss time injuries, and track OSHA 300 log information through your computer.  Do you need something that you can’t get in your portal?  Give us a call, and we will find what you need. Then we’ll post what you need to your portal.  It’s simple and informative.


Analysis of Company Loss Experience


Before you can fully organize cost-reduction efforts, you must perform analyses that help you determine causes of losses.  Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes it’s not easy.  Our trained staff will review and analyze your losses in order to develop a plan that reduces your losses.


Written Safety Program


Statistically speaking, the safer a workplace is, the more profitable a company in which a workplace exists is.  Employees work well in safe environments, which can be demonstrations of caring on the parts of management teams.  Employees perform well for management teams that demonstrate to employees that the management teams care.  Companies that have management teams that care, and workers that benefit from the ways in which management teams care generally have higher productivity.  At Alliance Insurance Services, LLC we help many different companies create safe climates by drafting written safety manuals.


OSHA Information


OSHA is currently a part of workers’ lives in ways in which it never before has been a part of workers’ lives.  We can give you access to a wealth of OSHA regulations, and to other OSHA-related information.  Through our portal you can keep your OSHA 300 log, and in our portal your log will never be lost.  You can keep your OSHA 300 log on your computer via our portal, and you can print up the log any time that you wish.  It’s the OSHA log made simple.


Quarterly Inspections


It’s hard for companies to ensure that loss control measures are adhered to at the points that loss control measures are implemented.  Our knowledgeable and licensed staff will review loss control measures that are related to your company through our quarterly review processes or our six month review processes.  Once we’ve performed reviews, we’ll compile reports, which we forward to management.

Experienced, dedicated Agents protecting Individuals and Businesses against Risk

We know how important it is that individuals and businesses be secure, and have insurance agents that help individuals and business owners live and operate, respectively, with as few perils as possible.  For this reason, we thoroughly assess the needs of individuals and of business owners, and we inform individuals and business owners of how they can live and operate, respectively, with as few perils as possible.


In order to ensure that people whom we serve always have the right coverage, and that people whom we serve can minimize the numbers of risks that the people face, we regularly and closely review policies and plans that we write, and we stay up-to-date on the lives of and on developments in the businesses of people whom we serve.  If and when possible, we consult closely with the people whom we serve.  As a result, people whom we serve can purchase the right insurance, and know how to minimize the numbers of perils that the people face.

Additional Insurance and Risk Management Information:

At Alliance Insurance Services we’re proud to provide risk management services in Arlington, Grand Prairie, Dallas, Fort Worth, Lubbock, and Austin, TX.  We also serve other areas in the state.

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Our Providers


Winfree Academy Charter School is proud to recommend Alliance Insurance Services.
Melody Chalkley: Superintendent/CEO
Over the last 15 years you and your staff have worked tirelessly servicing the SPCA of Texas.
Richard A. Morris: VP Human Resources
Not only were you able to reduce our insurance cost, you also pointed out areas such as our content coverage.
Kyle Dailey, CPA: Inovar Packaging
Over 10 years Alliance has worked with us to lower our overall cost of risk, and has saved us thousands of dollars.
Melody Chalkley: Winfree Academy
I recommend the services of Alliance Insurance without hesitation.
T. Mann: TX Store Fixtures
You have consistently been able to reduce our workers compensation modifier through your CompMonitor program.
Melody Chalkley: Winfree Academy
Implementing CompMonitor speaks to our groups desire/dedication to improve our overall risk management program.
Richard A Morris: SPCA
CompMonitor has reduced our actual NCCI modifier, which translates into a reduced insurance premium.
Kyle Dailey, Inovar Packaging Group
Alliance Insurance has the very best customer service in the Insurance industry bar none! Brian Bingham and Becky Hansen and their team have handled all my Corporate Insurance accounts for The Antique Drapery Rod Co Inc., Grace Hardware and Anna Sova Organics since about 2007. They also handle all my personal insurance thru their company or industry partners. The Insurance world is an extremely complex and confusing alternate universe of exorbitant fees and coverage complexities. We are extremely thankful we have Alliance Insurance to handle all our insurance details and make the most cost effective suggestions. Brian Bingham will make all your insurance needs simpler, less expensive and handle your business with grace and excellent customer service. Sincerely, Whitney Walker, CEO The Antique Drapery Rod Co. Inc.
Whitney W.
Alliance Insurance Services have provided our business insurance coverage for over 10 years. They have provided what we needed when we needed it. When we first partnered with Alliance, they came in and did a safety review of our premises to get us up to where we needed to be Safety wise. Since then, they have been involved in regular safety meetings and continually working with us to keep a safe working environment. When we had storm damage, they were here to help us with needed repairs and the claims that we needed to make. For company vehicles, they are always there to provide the coverage and to help us with any accident claims. For workers compensation, they have helped us to learn what situations were causing accidents and have helped us to have a very good safety record as a result. All in all, we are very satisfied with the service that we receive from Alliance Insurance Services and their staff. We hope to continue our business partnership for a long time. Oh---and we have always saved money with the policies that we have purchased through them.
Gladys S.